11988498_10156005684785265_482310956632396487_nMy name is Cat Couper and I want to help make your ceremony as unique as your love story! I am a non-denominational officiant registered in the State of Minnesota. I’m Twin Cities based but can perform weddings in several states (even Las Vegas). I would love to meet you and your significant other and discuss how I could tailor your vows while you focus on your wedding attire!

Love knows no boundaries and can be deeper than blood ~ About me and my family

My husband and I have five beautiful, talented children including a former exchange student who will always be family.  I’ve been tremendously proud as I’ve watched them all go out into the world. My daughter Carrie literally through the Peace Corps, my stepdaughter Krista and her husband both in Emergency Room residencies at Detroit hospitals, my daughter Caiti the ‘hair miracle worker’ closer to  home, and our son David who will soon be entering the Navy, and our other “son” Oscar, in Sweden  has recently made me a very elated Nana. Our little nest is nearly emtpy, I now have time to pursue something else near and dear to my heart – seeing couples off on their wonderful new life together!

My Personal Love Story


True story: I met my first husband at a wedding. I was 18, he was the Best Man at my sister’s wedding, in which I was Maid of Honor. We married a year later in a big, traditional wedding. He is the father of both my daughters and we all share many happy memories together. But sometimes things don’t work out as expected.

I met my second husband at – go figure – a wedding! We worked at the same restaurant but on different shifts so it took a wedding of mutual friends for us to finally meet. He asked me to dance to a country song and taught me to two-step. We became great friends and eventually fell in love. A year and a half later we planned a Las Vegas wedding surrounded by friends and family. We did everything the way WE wanted, from my being escorted down the isle in a red sequined dress on the arm of my good friend Tracie to chosing “I Second That Emotion” by Smokey Robinson as the procession song. My dear friend, Joe, even served as my “Maid” of Honor while Dan’s best friend, Lisa, served as his Best “Man”.  Twenty five, almost twenty six, years later we are still happily married with a wonderful family, including a son together, surrounding us!


Our Wedding Renewal at the same chapel we married at 14 years prior.

As a side note, I surprised him with a renewal of our vows on our 14th Anniversary (easier to pull off than a milestone year). I am often terrible at keeping fun secrets but I pulled it off, including wearing the same dress! (ok, it fit a little differently) We renewed our vows at the same chapel, just the two of us and a friend from work. In many ways, we both thought it was actually better than the first time around.

So…. How did I end up Officiating for others?

I have always been a planner. I like pretty things and I like happy events so I worked in a bridal shop and eventually moved into helping others plan their big days.  I left the wedding business in order to raise my children. I have a full-time job I love, but my passion for event planning never really left me so I dabbled in reunion organizing. Two events occurred to inspire me to rejoin the wedding industry. First, the State of Minnesota, passed the marriage equality law, allowing everyone to marry the love of their life – I want to help make that a reality for people. Second, two of my high school friends reunited after thirty years and began planning their own wedding. When they found out I’d always wanted to be an officiant, they asked me if I would be willing to marry them! It was the final push I needed to rejoin the industry. After that, I began receiving calls from other brides who heard that I was in the business and were struggling to find someone to make their day come to life. I  treasure every opportunity to meet couples that are  pronouncing their love for one another and look forward to being a part of many more weddings.


Sara Sara Butterfield

A Bit about my “Back Up”

Sara and I met each other 7 years ago and became friends working together. We found that we had both certified to perform wedding ceremonies for personal friends and both initially thought that would be the end of it. As my business grew, I found I could rely on Sara to fill in when I have a duplicate date. Sara has the same philosophies and demeanor. She is professional, fun and will make you feel at ease. She operates strictly on my contract and all the terms and conditions that are included. I know that when I turn over a wedding to Sara you are in good, capable, caring hands.


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