Show your True Colors…

top-beauty-colorful-wedding-dresses-by-atelier-aimee-unique-ceremony-day-10I am a strong believer that your wedding should reflect who you are!  I guess I am a bit kooky that way.

The moment that engagement ring is placed on your finger, you will be bombarded with opinions from EVERYONE.  While they all mean well, it can get very overwhelming.

When the day is over, the dust settles, and you sit back and take it all in, will you really be happy with all the decisions – decorations, food, music, color scheme, vows?  Will the pictures (which are the only real tangible thing from that day) reflect you? Will you look back 10 years, 20 years and still be happy with them, or will you regret that they don’t reflect the way YOU pictured it? Are they a true representation of who you were on that day? We all change over time. We grow and evolve, but will you think, “That was so me at that time!”

We live in a world that is constantly changing. What was good and traditional for our grandparents or parents may not be so trendy or “with-it” now, and it may not even close to reflecting you and your personality! Why not start your own trend? Better yet, be yourself and let that show through in all your details.

Let’s start with COLOR! Why do we shy away from color for the bride? Don’t get me wrong, I love a white/cream/ecru dress just as much as the next person, but if that isn’t your “thing” that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s AWESOME!

Vestido-De-Noiva-2015-Sexy-Backless-Wedding-Dresses-Peach-Colored-Wedding-Dresses-2015-Bridal-Gown-Casamento                luxurious-tulle-princess-strapless-floor-length-sleeveless-wedding-gown_IV1

Designers are gently testing the waters with traditional bridal gowns in gorgeous, soft pastels and florals.  Not quite ready for that? How about a colored slip/crinoline peeking out  during the pictures and the garter toss? 

colored crinolineMake it match your bridal colors or maybe get a little wild with a vivid hot pink, shocking purple, electric blue, luscious red…

In many countries the brides and/or grooms are gloriously colorful. Weddings are joyful, celebratory events! Color evoke emotion and on that day it should radiate your love!

Remember, the wedding day is just the beginning. Color does not take away from the commitment you are making. Marriage is different than your wedding… Your entire life and marriage will be peppered with colorful moments, some dark, some light, some pale, some vivid – how you start your journey is your blank canvas – Make a SPLASH!


Traditional Indian Bride

traditional rattvik sweden

Traditional Rattvik, Sweden


Native Nigerian Couple

Colorful Pakistani

Colorful Pakistani

Native Mexico

Native Mexico

Native Japanese

Traditional Japanese

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