Love in the time of Covid…

Many things have changed in our lives due to Covid but the one thing that Covid can’t change is Love. I saw in the beginning cancellations and rearrangements. New dates, new venues, the list goes on. There was fear, disappointment and sadness as this unfolded. Then there was calm. A collective deep breath, then I saw couples settle into a new “normal”. Once the panic subsided they were able to begin to plan realistic, safe ceremonies.

Some have opted to postpone, as much as a year or more, to have that HUGE gathering and others moved dates but scaled down the celebrations.  True love and commitment is all the days that follow the WEDDING… The MARRIAGE is the focus.

There isn’t a right way or a wrong way to get married if the commitment is there. As a military mom I see a lot of parents posting small backyard gatherings, courthouse pictures. Not one shared photo has captured “regret” only Joy and Love radiating from the couples!

However you choose to “Do You” and your Wedding Celebration I will work with you to make it special.

I will be offering (until further notice) a Covid Commitment Package (with Pandemic Pricing!) pretty cheesy wording if you ask me.

For more information please check out my Pricing Page.

See you at the Alter ~ Cat

2021… Here we come.. Ready or Not

As we enter the New Year with a cautious optimism we can only look back on what we learned from the past year.  I can’t speak for everyone but there are a few things I learned.

I learned to SLOW DOWN – in certain areas of my life.

I learned to Prioritize Family – Time isn’t a given.

I learned to notice the “small things” (The BIG things were too much in 2020)

I learned let go of things out of my control – for a control freak this is a constant battle still, but I am getting better!

I learned that love grows even in adversity and we need to cherish it when it comes our way.

I learned that things can be modified and adapted to fit the need and the times.

I learned just how much I LOVE the joy I experience when I join couples in marriage and just how much I missed doing ceremonies.

I learned no matter how big or small the gathering- 10 people or 500 people – at the end of the day if two people are in love and they commit themselves to each other its a BIG thing.

Its what comes after our wedding day that stands the test of time.

I look forward to bringing joy to more couples as we move forward in these fascinating times. Masks or social distancing we can still make your commitment day special, memorable and uniquely yours.

October Weddings 2020

October was the end of my Weddings for the year  – What a strange year it was with Covid. How will we all remember the year and how will my couples remember their wedding days? With many changes – from dates to venues and down-sizing guest lists – wearing masks – social distancing – they will certainly have stories to remember and to pass along!

October 2020

Brittany and Luke saw a change to a small intimate gathering of family and friends at home. The wedding had many personal touches. The ceremony, outside, was a bit chilly and drizzly but it was beautiful. They involvement of their children made this extra special. The bride was beautiful!

  Much luck and happiness to your new family union in all your years to come.


Halloween was the setting for my 2nd Ceremony that rounded out the year – there was nothing scary or spooky about it!

Some came in costumes others did not but it was a joyous occasion shared by a masked, socially distanced group of awesome family and friends!

I love watching a groom see his bride walk down the aisle for the first time! This did not disappoint, not a dry eye, she was radiant and he was overwhelmed, it was beautiful!

Wishing much luck and happiness to this awesome family as they move into their future together!

September Rain

Gina and Matthew – September 2020 – Bunker Hills Event Center – Coon Rapids

Joy, Joy, Joy!

This ceremony, another one sealed with a handfasting, was perfect, if I do say so myself! The couple were completely laid back after having to change venues at the last minute and they rocked this one! She was so beautiful and a light drizzle through the ceremony didn’t faze this couple at all. They say rain on a wedding day is good luck, this one is off to a wonderful start. I had to share a photo of the arch, made by the bride! I told her she needs to do this on the side!

made with love by Gina – stunning

Along came August

Kylie and Kevin – August 2020 – Legends Country Club – Prior Lake

I couldn’t love this couple more! They were amazing! Their families were awesome. I had some great laughs with this wedding party and family. The day was beautiful, but not nearly as beautiful as Kylie! I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

July in Rochester

Jadyn & Raven July 2020 – Private Home

Jadyn and Raven were another couple that had to do some adjusting due to the pandemic but did so beautifully! She was radiant in her lace dress and their pup was part of the wedding party – he was a hit! The love surrounding this couple by the close friends and family that were there to share and witness their handfasting ceremony was awesome. I was honored to share the day with this wonderful couple.

Marriage in the time of Pandemic!

Jessica and Cody -June 2020 – Private Home

WordPress has changed the format during the pandemic and I am behind with posting so I am going with it and will adjust later!

What a crazy time we live in right now. Who knows how long this will continue. I am finding that my couples are adapting and changing as they need. I have had a few move dates and only one cancel so I am blessed. I will also wear a mask if so required, it is up to the couple – other than for a picture I take my precautions to social distance as well. I remain as fluid for my couples as I can, so far the few who moved dates I was able to accommodate.

Jessica and Cody’s wedding was in a stunning setting at the bride’s childhood home. It was a very warm day and while scaled back their nearest and dearest were there to celebrate their day with them.

So sweet and simplistic. Yet very elegant.

precious moment captured

Leap Year Wedding

KyleeAustin  Kaylee & Austin – Fridley, MN

Leapin Lizards did we have a beautiful day on Saturday the 29th! This young couple was playin to a packed house!! I don’t think I saw a single empty chair. The weather was great, the Wedding party looked awesome and the bride was stunning! What a great family they have. Lots of laughs. Wishing you all he best as you move forward in the next chapter of your lives. And no, Austin, … This doesn’t mean you get out of an anniversary gift every year!


2020-02-01_142322Cruise December 2019

Where has 6 years gone?

When I started this journey I honestly thought it was going to be a “One and done” situation. I had dabbled in the Wedding industry YEARS ago(when I was a baby) first working in a Bridal Shop then some Wedding Planning. I was always interested in being able to perform a ceremony. I always, in the back of my mind, thought that I would get in when everyone was free to marry who they chose. That beautiful change happened at the same time I reunited some friends from High School – it was like the stars aligned. They insisted that I perform their ceremony. The rest is history!

This journey could not continue without the help of some amazing Vendors who have helped me grow and develop through the years. I have to take the  time to give a HUGE shout out and Thank you to Leslie at Banquets of Minnesota in Fridley first. She took the first chance on me – I gained the trust and respect(I hope!) of Gloria who runs the Banquets of Minnesota Blaine facility. Including me in my first Bridal Fair and a couple of the tastings! I would love to do more but my “Day Job” restricts me.

I have since become a preferred vendor at a few Venues and for that I am truly honored and humbled. Como Conservatory for one and also Holiday Inn in Lakeville. I hope to see that grow as I do. I am building my list of preferred vendors based on people I have worked with over the years.

2020-02-01_142556  December 2019

Being married and sharing your life with someone day after day after day after day… can be hard work, it also brings a lot of joy.  Each time I join a new couple in marriage and see that excitement and joy on their faces, it fills me with hope and reminds me how lucky I am to have a great husband by my side – most days anyway! I am sure there are days he questions his sanity as well. We have worked hard to be where we are and it hasn’t alway been fun or easy but every step and stumble has been worth it. 26 years later (This coming April) We are now getting to enjoy our “empty nest” – we are enjoying getting to know each other at each new phase of our married life. I would chose him again… I hope I inspire that in the couples that I join together.

2020-02-01_145120DisneyWorld Jan 2020

Thank you to all the Brides & Grooms who have trusted me to make your day special – It has truly been my honor and priviledge. I look forward to being a part of may more unions to come.

Many, many blessings for wedded bliss for years to come.




2020- Bring it on!

CassidyandprestionCassidy & Prestion 

January 11, 2020 – Fridley

This young couple was fun to work with. I loved that when she walked down the aisle was the 1st time he saw her in her gown! I have never seen a groom so genuinely touched and emotional it was fantastic. Made it hard a couple times to get myself through – but I did it. It was a great ceremony and they were surrounded by great friends and family.