MY Daughter’s Amazing Day

Video by KAS Films, LLC


Their colorful wedding band set. Photo by Rachel Lahlum Photography

What was I thinking when I said I would perform my daughter’s wedding ceremony!? I was thrilled and excited and volunteered before I fully thought about it! – EEEK! I knew I had to make it through without falling apart. Carrie and I worked for over a year and a half – on different continents, me here in the US and her in Colombia.

It was written, re-written, tweaked, re-written and tweaked again. Then there were at least 3 final drafts! I was READY… She got home from her Peace Corps Service 2 weeks before the big day but had to leave us to head to DC for the week leading up to her wedding.


Carrie and her Gramma A having a quiet moment to discuss my father, her Grampa, during the ceremony. Photo by Rachel Lahlum Photography.

Sadly, 2 days before her wedding day, her Grampa, my dad, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. As we all struggled to process that we moved on with the plans, it would have been what he wanted. Fear and panic set in for me – COULD I do this now? Would I really be able to get through this wedding with the death of my father so new and raw? I did, like a good Officiant, call for reinforcements just in case. She assured me that she would be there if it got bad, but that I was going to be just fine and make my daughter, new son in law and dad proud.

I faltered once when recognizing those not with us but otherwise I think I made her proud.  She wished for snow on her wedding day and feels that Grampa pulled some strings, we all think he went a bit far with his “string-pulling”. Despite the heavy hearts it was a day of laughter, smiles and celebrating Carrie & TJ – my mother stayed to the very end, dancing up a storm with everyone, I am sure it was hard for her, but she smiled her way through it with only happiness and joy for her grand-daughter.

I thank you for indulging me the extra pictures and video highlights from this event!

A big thank you to Rachel, from Rachel Lahlum Photography and Kelly from KAS Films, LLC for the incredible photo and video footage – and for going above and beyond our expectations all through the day. If you’re looking for incredible Photo and Video please give them a look – the whole family was so impressed with their professionalism, command of the room, and quality of work! Can’t wait to see all the final products.


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