March Madness!

March Madness – 4 weekends/5 weddings!! The final one of the month was my own daughter that I shamelessly already highlighted separately!

IMG_1917Abigail & Shane

Mar 3, 2018- Lakeville, MN

They started this month off with a beautiful, simple yet elegant wedding.  I could tell from the moment we gathered for the rehearsal that they had amazing friends and family – one of the few rehearsal dinners I have stayed to attend – I enjoyed getting to visit with everyone. They were relaxed, and she was gorgeous in her beautiful dress.  Love and laughter filled the event. Thank you, Abby & Shane, for a wonderful day to be a part of!

HopePeterHope & Peter

Mar 10, 2018 – Blaine, MN

I met Hope and Peter 1 hour before their ceremony! I got the call from Banquets of Minnesota Friday night that this sweet couple was Officiant-less – It was FATE as that was originally that was the only Saturday I had open for the month – It was meant to be. They were amazingly calm and collected when I arrived Saturday afternoon to step in and join them in marriage. This couple has what it takes to roll with the punches and face the ups and downs of marriage in the future. I wish I had had a chance to get to know them better, as I do with my other couples, but I am glad that I could be there for them when they needed it! Best of luck in the future together.

IMG_2194Rachel & Mike

Mar 24, 2018 – Blaine, MN

1st Wedding of the day.  Rachel & Mike were another couple that was “unconventional” for me. This was all planned via phone/text/email! They were undertaking not only a wedding, they were relocating back up here to Minnesota! That is a lot and from the looks of it they managed just fine! Their family was happy to have them back up here. I have had some of the most amazingly calm and relaxed brides and Rachel was definitely that! (and beautiful too) She is also taking on the role of step-mom, after speaking with Paxton he seemed to be quite excited to be welcoming her into his little world! I was honored to be a part of your day!


IMG_2212Pam & Joe

Mar 24, 2018 – Fridley, MN

Cut to 1 ½ hours later – Pam & Joe were my second wedding of the day! What a great couple! They had 2 darling young children who added a spirited tone to the ceremony! Her brothers presented her to Joe and they were so fun and funny! The wedding party was quite the good looking cast. Pam was stunning as well. I loved some of the personal touches through the reception – including a card box in the shape of a wishing well, made by Joe himself! Thank you for choosing me to help put words to your story.

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