Marriage in the time of Pandemic!

Jessica and Cody -June 2020 – Private Home

WordPress has changed the format during the pandemic and I am behind with posting so I am going with it and will adjust later!

What a crazy time we live in right now. Who knows how long this will continue. I am finding that my couples are adapting and changing as they need. I have had a few move dates and only one cancel so I am blessed. I will also wear a mask if so required, it is up to the couple – other than for a picture I take my precautions to social distance as well. I remain as fluid for my couples as I can, so far the few who moved dates I was able to accommodate.

Jessica and Cody’s wedding was in a stunning setting at the bride’s childhood home. It was a very warm day and while scaled back their nearest and dearest were there to celebrate their day with them.

So sweet and simplistic. Yet very elegant.

precious moment captured

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