Wedding, Wine and Approaching Winter??

nov14wedding2Weather in November is so tricky in Minnesota/Wisconsin.  What would an outdoor wedding in a vineyard in Wisconsin bring? Fortunately it brought a cold breeze, partly cloudy sky and completely happy couple! With a small gathering of only their closest friends and family, Kathryn and Loren started their married life together in a beautiful little vineyard in Prescott Wisconsin.  The cold weather didn’t seem to make a difference to those of us there to share the warmth of a special day. They all arrived in a HUGE SUV-style limousine. She was flawless, with a beautiful gown and wintery cape. They made their commitment to each other and to their children, sealing the co-mingling of families with a kiss. We were all able to watch as the photographer captured their love on film. They have a loving, supportive group of people in their corner, and I join them in wishing a long and healthy wedded life for this wonderful couple.  I am humbled to share in this most intimate time and I sincerely thank them!

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