It’s that time of year!


With the Holidays quickly approaching (so many celebrations this time of year!) I feel the need to express gratitude. I am grateful that I have two wonderful friends who placed my feet on the first step of this wonderful new path. The past year I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of their wedding and the weddings of some other wonderful couples. It is my sincere hope that I have served them all well in their unions.

Being a part of this special time in a couple’s life is both rewarding and renewing. It reminds me how grateful I am for my own husband and our terrific children. Whether you are soon to be married, recently married or have been married “forever”, please take time to reflect on what a blessing family is.

I am also grateful that Minnesota and so many other states are now recognizing unions based on LOVE and not any sort of gender. This makes this journey even more fulfilling. I hope one day I have the opportunity to preside over such an event.

If you know someone who has recently become engaged and is looking for someone to preside over their union with care and dedication to their special day, please direct them here or to my Facebook page, Cat Couper- Wedding Officiant. I am working hard on getting a Pinterest and Twitter pages as well. Watch for announcements as I figure that out. I will also be at my first Wedding Fair in January – stay tuned for details.

Have a Blessed Day and thank you for your support on this journey!


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