Preparing for my first Wedding Fair


I was so excited when I signed up to exhibit at my very first wedding fair. But as the date approached I came to a brutal realization – I have no product to display, only ME! Oh, dear…

What does an officiant do to prepare a booth for a wedding fair? ¬†Well, first you brainstorm with all of your AMAZING friends. Mine provided ideas ranging from helpful booth pointers to absolutely hilarious ideas such as the ‘buy-a-wedding-get-a-baptism-free’ coupon! (ok, they’re amazing AND CRAZY) I decided against the latter, but through all the ideas I was able to get a working model of what I wanted to do.

It was determined that my being personable is what would lead couples to hire me. I have the gift of gab, but I needed a “conversation” piece to draw brides/couples to the booth so I could engage with them. But what? In an event hall teaming with dresses and professional photos and beautiful flowers it would undoubtedly be a challenge for an officiant to stand out! Several ideas were tossed around, but then we remembered a photo shoot my daughters had done a couple years ago entitled ‘Trashing the Dress’. It was a brilliantly fun shoot where one of my daughters posed in a wedding dress, increasingly covered in paint and eventually ending up in a lake! My other (talented photographer) daughter took beautiful photos which no one would be able to resist pausing to comment on, especially if I had the dress! Unfortunately, I discovered that they had burned the dress after the photo shoot… Undaunted, we found another dress at the Goodwill and my son and his friend had a great time turning it into a masterpiece!

Some of the couples I’ve united were willing to share photos from their weddings, allowing prospective couples to see that while I’d be happy to splatter them with paint if they desire, most of the ceremonies I help plan are truly lovely affairs! My booth was quickly coming together.

One crazy dress, some photos and ME. Armed with a stack of brochures I have everything I need to make a splash – or splatter – at my first wedding fair. If you have the opportunity to attend, come on by and say ‘Hello’ – you won’t have any trouble picking me out!

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