First Wedding Fair (A little late!)

unnamed (2) This is the first attempt at a Bridal Fair Booth.  I thought the artistic idea (Thanks Jennifer) was great.Thanks to the artists who created the final product – the dress – My son David and his friend KK – it turned out perfect! I was very happy with the final outcome.

How would this go?  What does one do when the only product you have is yourself?  Thus the brainstorming with friends one evening with ideas that were beautiful to bazaar!  Lots of laughs but we settled on the TRASH THE DRESS theme as the conversation starter.  The idea came to mind while discussing the photo shoot my daughters – one photographer, one model – did 3 years ago.  The photo’s were amazing and the finished dress was beautiful.  Unfortunately the original dress from the shoot was burned in a bonfire to finish the trashing.  So, we featured just a sampling of photos and went to the goodwill to get a new dress to “trash”.  It did what it was supposed to do, it brought people to my table to inquire about the dress/photo’s.  I was surprised at how many brides are excited about doing this sort of thing after their weddings.  When you really think about it, why not?? Every mother dreams that her daughter will want to walk down the aisle in her dress while every young woman is dreaming of the day she will go with her mom and best friends and get something uniquely HER. So along with discussing what my role COULD be in their wedding day, much discussion was about creating a beautiful piece of “artwork” (the dress and/or photo’s) to display in their homes when the day is over!  Use your wedding colors as a paint pallette and have fun with your wedding party!  Cut a small part out of the train, so that if you have children someday, you can sew a piece of your dress into theirs, then just have fun!  If you buy a body form to put the dress on it would make a great corner art piece! with photos from that day.

I had a wonderful time meeting people and would definitely do more in the future.  I have one experience under my belt and now know what to expect, what to improve and what to leave just as is.  Thank you for those who came out to the show and very sorry it took so long to get this posted.

unnamed (1)

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