Summer is fading….


This image stirs up feelings of summer drawing to a close.  Shutting down cabins and preparing for what is to come in the next few months.   Now is the perfect time to really explore and get all your planning done for your upcoming nuptuals.

Use the long winter nights to talk and plan…  and not just the wedding day.  Talk about your future, your hopes and dreams.  Talk about where you want to be in 10 years… 25 years… and on your Golden Anniversary.  Write it down!  Start a journal together.  Enjoy looking back on special dates – see how far you have come.  Have you met your goals?  How have your goals changed?


It will make days like the one above go quickly!  Plan a weekend get-away.  If you LOVE the snow, there are endless resorts that you can stay at with all sorts of fun winter activities – skating, snowmobiling, skiing.  Don’t forget to be a couple while you plan your special day!

spring Soon the snow will melt and we will have a spectacular rebirth of the earth!  Any season is the season of LOVE.  Minnesota offers a fantastic backdrop to any ceremony!  From fall leaves to Spring Buds we have it all.

With love and prayers as you plan and plot your very special day and your life together!





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