Summer Lovin….


Heidi (a co-worker) and Brandon came to me to perform their ceremony about 2 weeks before they tied the knot.  They wanted simple and it was just going to be the 2 of them as they were planning something bigger at a later date.  I sent Heidi a couple of my favorite ceremonies, as I really didn’t want it to be a generic civil ceremony.  I wanted them to look back and be happy with the words and the meaning behind them.  They shared with family and that simple little ceremony for 2 grew to included the immediate family, their children, and a few close friends.  They planned and got everything together in a very, VERY short time!  It was beautiful!  The day was spectacular and her sisters put together the beautiful trellis to marry under.  I love their casual, laid back attitude – They were relaxed and enjoyed their moment.  Thank you Heidi & Brandon!  Much happiness in your future together.


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