Time to catch up!

12744293_10156501451065265_3491220735618251470_n  This is Tiiu & Rob, they started my year off in February!  Got to know them quite well and my husband and I attended the reception after the ceremony.  The Ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn in Lakeville and it was a very intimate event.  Tiiu’s daughter sang during the glass ceremony and it was beautiful.  They were surrounded by family and friends who wish them a long and happy life of wedded bliss.  Pretty sure we have new friends for life!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day.

This wedding mean’t a lot to me as it came just days after my youngest child, and only son, left for the Navy and 1 day after his beloved cat of 17 years passed away.  So during this time of sadness and adjustment this was my silver lining! It is a gentle reminder that lives go on despite our own personal struggles and pain and these events can totally alter how you see your own situation.  Thanks Tiiu and Rob for the reminder.

In April, my husband and I also attended the reception of another fantastic couple… They tied the knot on the sandy beaches in sunny Cancun in February, while were all up here in Minnesota with our toes in the snow!  While I didn’t perform the ceremony, I assisted in the filing of their official paperwork so they are “legal”.  What an absolutely wonderful couple.  We look forward to another lifelong friendship!  Congratulations Teresa & Chuck!  Feel like I was there from the beginning!


April also brought Graduation from Boot Camp!  Trip to Chicago for a very brief visit before the son left for Submarine School out on the East Coast… another So long (never Good bye!)  In March I also had a wonderful 2 week adventure with my best friend visiting my “son” in Sweden!  Getting to know my grandson better and getting the wonderful news that I am going to have a granddaughter in July!!  I also hit a milestone personally… the big FIVE-OH!  What a wonderful direction my life is taking at this mid-point!  Love being a part of such a happy time in so many lives!

I had one wedding in May, Michelle and Dan!  What a sweet couple and what a beautiful setting!  The Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  Was a bit chilly for May but they had sunshine, which was pretty scarce around that time!  Enjoyed getting to know this young couple and wish them much love and happiness in their new journey together!


Early June brought me Megan and Nick!  So much joy and energy radiating from this young couple!  I was honored and humbled that they chose me to perform their ceremony.  At our initial meeting I learned his mother had been an Officiant!  She is no longer with them, he shared a ceremony of hers that they liked.  I added some of the elements of mine into the ceremony but worked very hard to keep it true to HER words.  On that day, I simply served as a vessel for her to be with them.  I don’t think I have had a groom hug me so tight and thank me like he did… as a mom, it brought tears to my eyes.  I gently reminded him she was “there” and always would be.  They are on their way to many, many years of love and happiness!


As I write this blog, I am a few hours from another wedding.  Warm, muggy day with the possibility of rain but knowing this couple, a little rain won’t spoil the day!   I have been told that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck!

I am reminded each time I perform a wedding how truly blessed I am in so many ways!  Personally and Professionally.  In such a crazy, tumultuous time, to  see the optimism and joy and love gives me HOPE for our future!


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