Who knew!


3 Years and here I am!

Wow!  What a journey.  My life is full and rich. When asked by my good friends to join them in marriage 3 years ago (next month) I never would have imagined I would be sitting here, writing this with close to 25 weddings under my belt and six “on deck” for this year… so far.. and 1 scheduled for next year as well. I never doubted that I would love doing it, I just never dreamed it would take me down this path and that it would continue to grow everyday! I am learning so much all the time from the couples that I meet, researching and reading a LOT! I have met, and continue to meet, some amazing couples. They come to the table with that “newness” , that excitement and wonder of what is to come as they join together and face the future side by side. For better or worse. It renews and refreshes me each and every time. I hope I touch their lives and leave an impression on them as each of them has left on me. I sincerely thank each and every bride and groom who I have been blessed to join together.  I look forward to all the couples who I will have the honor of working with in the future. My journey, like my couples, is just beginning the twists and turns are unpredictable and exciting, and like marriage, I look forward to it all!

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