Trend? What Trend?


Just finished reading an article entitled “Wedding Trends of 2017”.  And it got me thinking and it made realize something.  The media really does have a huge influence.  WHY?? Have we become so worried that we constantly have to follow blindly what the “trends” are?  Who decides this?  and… how did they get that presumptuous job? Yet people keep letting them decide what WE like and what WE should do. They make us feel bad, and silly for our own individual taste… why do we allow that?11d235a26e6be8d006ac4251309063a7

When this woman planned her wedding, I am sure she picked something SHE liked.  At the time it was probably “The Trend”.  I hope now when she looks back at that picture she still loves it because of what it represents. Not the dresses, or the hairstyles. A marriage, a day of hope and planning for a future with a soulmate. We look back and giggle sometimes at things we wore, how we wore our hair etc but if you get beyond the initial reaction, a photo evokes emotions of a day – good or bad – it takes you back sometimes to a time that was ever so much simpler in your life.

images Being a DAYS fan, I got to see a LOT of weddings, sometimes multiples for the same couples!  I would ooh and aah over the elaborate, over the top weddings they would throw.  I remember thinking I would love to be an actress just so I could wear all sorts of different wedding dresses, marry some of the most handsome men on the planet.  The bigger the better. I was going to have a soap opera wedding! Those women set the wedding trends in their day!  I honestly still love all the wedding dresses! Dated or not… but WHY are they dated?

Not only did Bo and Hope set a high bar, there was the event of high school.. Luke and Laura – people took the day off work for that wedding! For a TV show wedding!  gh_wedding_luke_laura Laura with her dramatic (Like Hope’s) headpiece that EVERYONE wanted.

Granted, these are fictitious weddings but they set the “trend” for the 80’s.  The clothing doesn’t make a marriage. Hard work and dedication makes a marriage.  Clothing makes a WEDDING.  Big difference.

So… when people question what the “trend” for the season is here is my take.  It is whatever YOU want.  There is no right or wrong way to have a wedding – that is just the dressing, what is to come is what matters.  Want plaid, wear plaid. No flowers, that’s cool. Big, small, music, no music.  The canvas is yours.Give it YOUR  unique and amazing brush strokes! Set your own trend and forget articles that are telling you how to plan YOUR day. Have fun with your day, and focus what matters the most… the Marriage that will follow that ONE day.

The last picture I will share is still one of my favorite “outside the box” dresses – again from my Soap…

Now a light up dress is the way to start a “TREND” Married at midnight on New Years Eve -in the snow – with Jiminy Cricket serenading her in with “When you wish upon a star”  YES!


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