Once again!

Again – I find myself behind in updating this page! I get myself so busy (note to self – take a bit more time WEEKLY or even BI-WEEKLY for Updating!!)

I had a great wedding season! June through last weekend. While I would like to do more next year, this year the pace was just perfect. I don’t have anymore scheduled for the rest of 2017 – although, I will still gladly book more. I do have 5 or so already on the books for 2018!

Since the last blog here is a look at the Fantastic couples that I had the pleasure of uniting in marriage. All ceremonies and celebrations unique! I enjoyed the time I had with each couple. All of them have two things in common, their love for each other and a strong community of family and friends to help them get through the next stage of their lives.

I am so blessed and I love what I do!


IMG_7837 June 3, 2017(Stillwater, MN)

I joined together Christy & Jerry in Beautiful Stillwater, MN – we met the week before and due to flooding their hopes of using THIS Gazebo was underwater – we made alternate plans. Thankfully, the day of the wedding came and the waters had receded. This was beautiful, intimate gathering of friends and family.

IMG_8407 July 17, 2017(St. Paul, MN)

It was a VERY hot day at the Como Park Conservatory but Robin & Robert had a beautiful setting and Robin was a vision! She stayed cool in an air-conditioned limo until it was time for her grand entrance. What a great couple and awesome family.






July 22, 2017(Talladega, AL)

I thought the conservatory was HOT… well let me tell you “Talladega Nights” are as sultry as they come! This wedding had extra special meaning – this is my beautiful niece (and as of this writing the family is GROWING!!) daughter of my husband’s deceased brother – all 3 of the uncles were there to “represent” and we know that Daddy Mark was there – he showed himself in many ways. It was a beautiful lakeside setting and there were lots of friends and family to get this party started!

PalladinCameron August 5, 2017 (Banquets of MN- Fridley, MN)

Palladin and Cameron were an awesome couple to work with! They were so cute and so in love. They had all the greatest touches on this most special day. Their colors were perfect. I had a great time with this couple.







October 14, 2017(Banquets of MN-Fridley, MN)

Amanda & Kyle -This was my SHY bride. I watched this beautiful woman become more confident as the day went on! She looked so beautiful! I loved all the amazing touches all the way down to her BLUE tennies! I had a great time getting to know some of her family at the rehearsal and her mom and mom’s best friend kept everyone laughing! You got a keeper Kyle!

October 21, 2017(Rubies & Rust-Belle Plaine, MN)

Molly & Jared – Outside might have been cold and windy on their wedding day but the love between these two kept EVERYONE warm. I have never experienced such a caring and attentive Groom.  He was so in tune with her every need and emotion. They were fluid. The setting was beautiful, their families were so welcoming, the food was amazing, and the Hand-Fasting Ceremony was so meaningful -lots of tears – WOW is about all I have to say about these two.

October 22, 2018(Cannon River Winery-Cannon Falls, MN)

John & Delmi had a very small, intimate gathering of friends and family to watch as, John’s sister lovingly wrote, “Delmi got her man”. There were a few traditions that were very new to me, so it was a learning event for me as well. The bride was surprised with her favorite Saxophone player from Las Vegas that they flew in special for the event. She was a stunning, exotic vision. What a beautiful family.


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