2020-02-01_142322Cruise December 2019

Where has 6 years gone?

When I started this journey I honestly thought it was going to be a “One and done” situation. I had dabbled in the Wedding industry YEARS ago(when I was a baby) first working in a Bridal Shop then some Wedding Planning. I was always interested in being able to perform a ceremony. I always, in the back of my mind, thought that I would get in when everyone was free to marry who they chose. That beautiful change happened at the same time I reunited some friends from High School – it was like the stars aligned. They insisted that I perform their ceremony. The rest is history!

This journey could not continue without the help of some amazing Vendors who have helped me grow and develop through the years. I have to take the  time to give a HUGE shout out and Thank you to Leslie at Banquets of Minnesota in Fridley first. She took the first chance on me – I gained the trust and respect(I hope!) of Gloria who runs the Banquets of Minnesota Blaine facility. Including me in my first Bridal Fair and a couple of the tastings! I would love to do more but my “Day Job” restricts me.

I have since become a preferred vendor at a few Venues and for that I am truly honored and humbled. Como Conservatory for one and also Holiday Inn in Lakeville. I hope to see that grow as I do. I am building my list of preferred vendors based on people I have worked with over the years.

2020-02-01_142556  December 2019

Being married and sharing your life with someone day after day after day after day… can be hard work, it also brings a lot of joy.  Each time I join a new couple in marriage and see that excitement and joy on their faces, it fills me with hope and reminds me how lucky I am to have a great husband by my side – most days anyway! I am sure there are days he questions his sanity as well. We have worked hard to be where we are and it hasn’t alway been fun or easy but every step and stumble has been worth it. 26 years later (This coming April) We are now getting to enjoy our “empty nest” – we are enjoying getting to know each other at each new phase of our married life. I would chose him again… I hope I inspire that in the couples that I join together.

2020-02-01_145120DisneyWorld Jan 2020

Thank you to all the Brides & Grooms who have trusted me to make your day special – It has truly been my honor and priviledge. I look forward to being a part of may more unions to come.

Many, many blessings for wedded bliss for years to come.




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