October Weddings 2020

October was the end of my Weddings for the year  – What a strange year it was with Covid. How will we all remember the year and how will my couples remember their wedding days? With many changes – from dates to venues and down-sizing guest lists – wearing masks – social distancing – they will certainly have stories to remember and to pass along!

October 2020

Brittany and Luke saw a change to a small intimate gathering of family and friends at home. The wedding had many personal touches. The ceremony, outside, was a bit chilly and drizzly but it was beautiful. They involvement of their children made this extra special. The bride was beautiful!

  Much luck and happiness to your new family union in all your years to come.

Halloween was the setting for my 2nd Ceremony that rounded out the year – there was nothing scary or spooky about it!  Houda & Jaysen were an absolute delight to work with!

Some came in costumes others did not but it was a joyous occasion shared by a masked, socially distanced group of awesome family and friends!

I love watching a groom see his bride walk down the aisle for the first time! This did not disappoint, not a dry eye, she was radiant and he was overwhelmed, it was beautiful!

Wishing much luck and happiness to this awesome family as they move into their future together!

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