2021… Here we come.. Ready or Not

As we enter the New Year with a cautious optimism we can only look back on what we learned from the past year.  I can’t speak for everyone but there are a few things I learned.

I learned to SLOW DOWN – in certain areas of my life.

I learned to Prioritize Family – Time isn’t a given.

I learned to notice the “small things” (The BIG things were too much in 2020)

I learned let go of things out of my control – for a control freak this is a constant battle still, but I am getting better!

I learned that love grows even in adversity and we need to cherish it when it comes our way.

I learned that things can be modified and adapted to fit the need and the times.

I learned just how much I LOVE the joy I experience when I join couples in marriage and just how much I missed doing ceremonies.

I learned no matter how big or small the gathering- 10 people or 500 people – at the end of the day if two people are in love and they commit themselves to each other its a BIG thing.

Its what comes after our wedding day that stands the test of time.

I look forward to bringing joy to more couples as we move forward in these fascinating times. Masks or social distancing we can still make your commitment day special, memorable and uniquely yours.

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