Love in the time of Covid…

Many things have changed in our lives due to Covid but the one thing that Covid can’t change is Love. I saw in the beginning cancellations and rearrangements. New dates, new venues, the list goes on. There was fear, disappointment and sadness as this unfolded. Then there was calm. A collective deep breath, then I saw couples settle into a new “normal”. Once the panic subsided they were able to begin to plan realistic, safe ceremonies.

Some have opted to postpone, as much as a year or more, to have that HUGE gathering and others moved dates but scaled down the celebrations.  True love and commitment is all the days that follow the WEDDING… The MARRIAGE is the focus.

There isn’t a right way or a wrong way to get married if the commitment is there. As a military mom I see a lot of parents posting small backyard gatherings, courthouse pictures. Not one shared photo has captured “regret” only Joy and Love radiating from the couples!

However you choose to “Do You” and your Wedding Celebration I will work with you to make it special.

I will be offering (until further notice) a Covid Commitment Package (with Pandemic Pricing!) pretty cheesy wording if you ask me.

For more information please check out my Pricing Page.

See you at the Alter ~ Cat

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