New Ceremony Collaboration

I met this wonderful human in Las Vegas! He is one of my favorite bartenders – he is a World Class Flairtender. We met at Carnaval Court on the Strip and he now throws bottles Downtown at Circa.

Who knew all those years ago we would both be joining people in marriage. My latest ceremony addition came to be when I was watching Vache perform his brothers wedding. I loved so much of the wording so I reached out and asked if I could use it as a BASE and tweak it. He was more than happy to share. I hope I enhanced the words that were to there to move you the way that his original ceremony moved me (I removed the very personal spin on it for his brother).

So if you are interested in seeing the collaboration it is on the Ceremony Page – Ceremony 7.

Thank you Vache for the inspiration and for the friendship over the years!

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