One lucky Cat- End of Year 2021

This is my time to BRAG a bit… it is my year wrap up and there will be pictures! Feel free to scroll… or grab a coffee or cocktail! Despite all the downs of 2021 I have had so many UPS to celebrate. Here is my 2021 Journey.

Hubby and I (at a Wedding I performed) Son David home from Navy. Daughter Caiti & Her Family!

This is not the whole family…they are to follow… That is my wonderful husband of 27 years, we have been through so much and here we are!! My Son, David, (bottom left) finished his 5 years in the Navy and is now home, attending college and is participating in Football *YAY FOOTBALL MOM AGAIN* and Track. Bottom right is my daughter Caiti and her significant other Travis, They welcomed Charlotte this year(white kitty) joining her big brother Indy. Despite COVID Caiti’s business is growing and thriving – GRATEFUL!

Memorial Day/Retirement Day 2021

May brought about a HUGE change for me, after 16.5 years I retired from the Airlines – I still get to enjoy my flying benefits as a retiree but it was time! My best friend of 20 years helped me celebrate with a whirlwind 24 hours in Las Vegas to celebrate. She and I are looking forward to getting back to adventures of Cat & Val in the coming year!

My Beautiful Swedish Family

2003 brought us Oscar, my Swedish son and what followed is this beautiful family. He and Sara blessed us with our first “Grands” Isak who is now 8 and Alva who is 5. The miles keep us physically apart but Internet & FaceTime keep us connected. Always in NanaCat’s heart.

St. Paul Eye Clinic – My new work family.

August brought me to a new adventure and a new work family. I am enjoying my time in a much more relaxed and stress-free environment. These ladies make me smile and make me happy to go to work again.

Shashin, MaciMae, Seamore and Miss Daisy

Obviously 3 was not enough… We added little MaciMae into the family and she has a HUGE personality and she fit right in. She joined the other 2 gingers in their pestering of their big sister!

My beautiful Bonus Family – I love them all as if they were my own.

The whole gang above! In order… Sarah, David, Vianka, Fernando, Sammy, Grace and Reggie – Top Shot. The only one missing is baby Luna, a Grand that I can actually cuddle, but mom and dad, Vianka & Fernando need a night out too! Bottom left is my heart KK and his fiance’ Andrea, who are currently in New Orleans, MamaCat is hoping for a return home soon, he is currently playing professional rugby and she is a barber. Bottom right is My “Favorite” (he won the T-shirt to settle the argument!) Jacob and his bride to be Amber. What a family…

Now… saving the best for last…

Daughter Krista & Kyle and our bearers of good news – Rexy & Nacho

We are going to be blessed by a grand-daughter in March and we couldn’t be more excited. Krista & Kyle live in Montana so I sure there will be many jaunts out there!

And if that weren’t enough….

Carrie & TJ and their Christmas Announcement

My Eldest totally surprised us on Christmas Day.. This ornament was hidden on our tree – they are in DC.

We will be welcoming another Grand in July – we are hoping for my dads birthday.

I am over the moon!

To say it has been an eventful year is an understatement. I had fewer than normal weddings – COVID – but I am hoping that they start to pick up again. I love joining people in marriage. I often tell people it is my JOYFUL JOB – It helps me ground myself when the world seems crazy.

I want to thank each and every one of my past couples, I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. I look forward to all the new couples in my future.

Many Blessing to you all and may 2022 be a new beginning for all!

Much love, Cat

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