Time to catch up!

12744293_10156501451065265_3491220735618251470_n  This is Tiiu & Rob, they started my year off in February!  Got to know them quite well and my husband and I attended the reception after the ceremony.  The Ceremony was held at the Holiday Inn in Lakeville and it was a very intimate event.  Tiiu’s daughter sang during the glass ceremony and it was beautiful.  They were surrounded by family and friends who wish them a long and happy life of wedded bliss.  Pretty sure we have new friends for life!  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your very special day.

This wedding mean’t a lot to me as it came just days after my youngest child, and only son, left for the Navy and 1 day after his beloved cat of 17 years passed away.  So during this time of sadness and adjustment this was my silver lining! It is a gentle reminder that lives go on despite our own personal struggles and pain and these events can totally alter how you see your own situation.  Thanks Tiiu and Rob for the reminder.

In April, my husband and I also attended the reception of another fantastic couple… They tied the knot on the sandy beaches in sunny Cancun in February, while were all up here in Minnesota with our toes in the snow!  While I didn’t perform the ceremony, I assisted in the filing of their official paperwork so they are “legal”.  What an absolutely wonderful couple.  We look forward to another lifelong friendship!  Congratulations Teresa & Chuck!  Feel like I was there from the beginning!


April also brought Graduation from Boot Camp!  Trip to Chicago for a very brief visit before the son left for Submarine School out on the East Coast… another So long (never Good bye!)  In March I also had a wonderful 2 week adventure with my best friend visiting my “son” in Sweden!  Getting to know my grandson better and getting the wonderful news that I am going to have a granddaughter in July!!  I also hit a milestone personally… the big FIVE-OH!  What a wonderful direction my life is taking at this mid-point!  Love being a part of such a happy time in so many lives!

I had one wedding in May, Michelle and Dan!  What a sweet couple and what a beautiful setting!  The Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  Was a bit chilly for May but they had sunshine, which was pretty scarce around that time!  Enjoyed getting to know this young couple and wish them much love and happiness in their new journey together!


Early June brought me Megan and Nick!  So much joy and energy radiating from this young couple!  I was honored and humbled that they chose me to perform their ceremony.  At our initial meeting I learned his mother had been an Officiant!  She is no longer with them, he shared a ceremony of hers that they liked.  I added some of the elements of mine into the ceremony but worked very hard to keep it true to HER words.  On that day, I simply served as a vessel for her to be with them.  I don’t think I have had a groom hug me so tight and thank me like he did… as a mom, it brought tears to my eyes.  I gently reminded him she was “there” and always would be.  They are on their way to many, many years of love and happiness!


As I write this blog, I am a few hours from another wedding.  Warm, muggy day with the possibility of rain but knowing this couple, a little rain won’t spoil the day!   I have been told that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck!

I am reminded each time I perform a wedding how truly blessed I am in so many ways!  Personally and Professionally.  In such a crazy, tumultuous time, to  see the optimism and joy and love gives me HOPE for our future!


What a Year!


What a year I have had!  Blessed is the only word that comes to mind…and it seems so small.

I have been blessed with good health and happiness this past year.  The end of a year is a time to reflect and absorb all the amazing things that we have been blessed with.  Reflect on any pain or hurt experienced, learn from it, grow from it and let it go.

I was blessed to have been a part of 8 Marriages in 2015!  I am looking forward to a good 2016 and my calendar is starting to fill.  I never thought I would be here, when I took that leap for my friends in 2014.  My higher power knew better what my new path was going to be.  I love it!  I am closer to my goal of this being a full time journey for me.  I have 2 years and I can retire and devote my time and attention to this full time, while still being able to travel as I do now!  Life is good.

Every bride and groom (family & friends) have been a unique and wonderful experience.  Thank you for choosing me for your union. I hope that I lived up to your expectations.  I had 4 couples hit their 1 year Anniversaries this past year as well.

Thanks to everyone who has shared my name with others taking the “big step”.  I am honored and humbled by your referrals.

So far I have 6 (one is teetering on 2015/2016 – it is a New Years Eve wedding) weddings on the books for the upcoming year.  I have enjoyed meeting with all of them to discuss their unique weddings.

I have had many wonderful personal triumphs in 2015 with, thankfully, not many tribulations!

May your 2016 be filled with love and good health, family and friends.

Happiest of New Years to you!

Show your True Colors…

top-beauty-colorful-wedding-dresses-by-atelier-aimee-unique-ceremony-day-10I am a strong believer that your wedding should reflect who you are!  I guess I am a bit kooky that way.

The moment that engagement ring is placed on your finger, you will be bombarded with opinions from EVERYONE.  While they all mean well, it can get very overwhelming.

When the day is over, the dust settles, and you sit back and take it all in, will you really be happy with all the decisions – decorations, food, music, color scheme, vows?  Will the pictures (which are the only real tangible thing from that day) reflect you? Will you look back 10 years, 20 years and still be happy with them, or will you regret that they don’t reflect the way YOU pictured it? Are they a true representation of who you were on that day? We all change over time. We grow and evolve, but will you think, “That was so me at that time!”

We live in a world that is constantly changing. What was good and traditional for our grandparents or parents may not be so trendy or “with-it” now, and it may not even close to reflecting you and your personality! Why not start your own trend? Better yet, be yourself and let that show through in all your details.

Let’s start with COLOR! Why do we shy away from color for the bride? Don’t get me wrong, I love a white/cream/ecru dress just as much as the next person, but if that isn’t your “thing” that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s AWESOME!

Vestido-De-Noiva-2015-Sexy-Backless-Wedding-Dresses-Peach-Colored-Wedding-Dresses-2015-Bridal-Gown-Casamento                luxurious-tulle-princess-strapless-floor-length-sleeveless-wedding-gown_IV1

Designers are gently testing the waters with traditional bridal gowns in gorgeous, soft pastels and florals.  Not quite ready for that? How about a colored slip/crinoline peeking out  during the pictures and the garter toss? 

colored crinolineMake it match your bridal colors or maybe get a little wild with a vivid hot pink, shocking purple, electric blue, luscious red…

In many countries the brides and/or grooms are gloriously colorful. Weddings are joyful, celebratory events! Color evoke emotion and on that day it should radiate your love!

Remember, the wedding day is just the beginning. Color does not take away from the commitment you are making. Marriage is different than your wedding… Your entire life and marriage will be peppered with colorful moments, some dark, some light, some pale, some vivid – how you start your journey is your blank canvas – Make a SPLASH!


Traditional Indian Bride

traditional rattvik sweden

Traditional Rattvik, Sweden


Native Nigerian Couple

Colorful Pakistani

Colorful Pakistani

Native Mexico

Native Mexico

Native Japanese

Traditional Japanese

Jason & Raquel


Weather couldn’t have been more perfect for this mid-October wedding!  Just the day before, we were battling heavy winds during the rehearsal which stripped many of the trees bare of their glorious colors.  Today was calm and warm (by October- Minnesota standards).  The Arch was a labor of love put together by the bride and groom and his family.

The guests were close friends and family and it was a nice relaxed feeling among the well wishers.  We all got to witness the “first look” the groom had of his lovely bride!


This picture captures him wiping a single tear that escaped.  What a warm and wonderful couple and what a loving, fantastic supportive family that surrounds them.  It was an honor and privilege to preside over their union.  I wish them much love and many, many happy years together.


Summer is fading….


This image stirs up feelings of summer drawing to a close.  Shutting down cabins and preparing for what is to come in the next few months.   Now is the perfect time to really explore and get all your planning done for your upcoming nuptuals.

Use the long winter nights to talk and plan…  and not just the wedding day.  Talk about your future, your hopes and dreams.  Talk about where you want to be in 10 years… 25 years… and on your Golden Anniversary.  Write it down!  Start a journal together.  Enjoy looking back on special dates – see how far you have come.  Have you met your goals?  How have your goals changed?


It will make days like the one above go quickly!  Plan a weekend get-away.  If you LOVE the snow, there are endless resorts that you can stay at with all sorts of fun winter activities – skating, snowmobiling, skiing.  Don’t forget to be a couple while you plan your special day!

spring Soon the snow will melt and we will have a spectacular rebirth of the earth!  Any season is the season of LOVE.  Minnesota offers a fantastic backdrop to any ceremony!  From fall leaves to Spring Buds we have it all.

With love and prayers as you plan and plot your very special day and your life together!





Summer Lovin….


Heidi (a co-worker) and Brandon came to me to perform their ceremony about 2 weeks before they tied the knot.  They wanted simple and it was just going to be the 2 of them as they were planning something bigger at a later date.  I sent Heidi a couple of my favorite ceremonies, as I really didn’t want it to be a generic civil ceremony.  I wanted them to look back and be happy with the words and the meaning behind them.  They shared with family and that simple little ceremony for 2 grew to included the immediate family, their children, and a few close friends.  They planned and got everything together in a very, VERY short time!  It was beautiful!  The day was spectacular and her sisters put together the beautiful trellis to marry under.  I love their casual, laid back attitude – They were relaxed and enjoyed their moment.  Thank you Heidi & Brandon!  Much happiness in your future together.


Minnesota… Ahead of the times


While this banner thrilled me beyond words, there was the larger battle brewing to make a union of love and commitment available to all those seeking to be joined in marriage.

Friday June 26, 2015 – History was made!  The Supreme Court ruled it law of the land.

I am excited for all affected.  I strongly believe love has no boundries and we should be free to love whom we choose.  I sincerely hope that as time goes by we will no longer need to label it STRAIGHT or GAY Marriage but simply call it Marriage.

And that is all I have to say about that!

Peace & Love


Winter Wedded Bliss for Whitney & Nick

Photo courtesy of MC Photography

Photo courtesy of MC Photography

Light snow left the backdrop Whitney was hoping for to make the wedding picture “Winter Magical”.  Magical it was!  From the dresses, to the setting, to the special vows – including vows and a ring exchange that Whitney shared with her new step-daughter Khloe.  Much love radiated throughout the room.  Whitney was absolutely exquisite, every detail flawless, from hair & make up to dress.  Her Bridesmaids just as lovely.  I had my moment of tears when I first saw her but when the time came the ceremony went off without a hitch!  The ceremony was highlighted with Khloe having a very good time with the sand (and a few moments we worried her hair or dress would get too close to the votive candle backdrop!)  Music was provided by a young friend of the bride – who perfectly nailed “To Make You Feel My Love ” – Adele’s rendition – during the Family Sand Ceremony.  Sealed with a kiss  – they became one.  The reception was peppered with dancing, toasting, kissing and lots of fun by all who attended.

Thank you for letting me share in your special day and much love and happiness for many, many years to come.


Courtesy of MC Photography



Courtesy of MC Photography


Courtesy of MC Photography


First Wedding Fair (A little late!)

unnamed (2) This is the first attempt at a Bridal Fair Booth.  I thought the artistic idea (Thanks Jennifer) was great.Thanks to the artists who created the final product – the dress – My son David and his friend KK – it turned out perfect! I was very happy with the final outcome.

How would this go?  What does one do when the only product you have is yourself?  Thus the brainstorming with friends one evening with ideas that were beautiful to bazaar!  Lots of laughs but we settled on the TRASH THE DRESS theme as the conversation starter.  The idea came to mind while discussing the photo shoot my daughters – one photographer, one model – did 3 years ago.  The photo’s were amazing and the finished dress was beautiful.  Unfortunately the original dress from the shoot was burned in a bonfire to finish the trashing.  So, we featured just a sampling of photos and went to the goodwill to get a new dress to “trash”.  It did what it was supposed to do, it brought people to my table to inquire about the dress/photo’s.  I was surprised at how many brides are excited about doing this sort of thing after their weddings.  When you really think about it, why not?? Every mother dreams that her daughter will want to walk down the aisle in her dress while every young woman is dreaming of the day she will go with her mom and best friends and get something uniquely HER. So along with discussing what my role COULD be in their wedding day, much discussion was about creating a beautiful piece of “artwork” (the dress and/or photo’s) to display in their homes when the day is over!  Use your wedding colors as a paint pallette and have fun with your wedding party!  Cut a small part out of the train, so that if you have children someday, you can sew a piece of your dress into theirs, then just have fun!  If you buy a body form to put the dress on it would make a great corner art piece! with photos from that day.

I had a wonderful time meeting people and would definitely do more in the future.  I have one experience under my belt and now know what to expect, what to improve and what to leave just as is.  Thank you for those who came out to the show and very sorry it took so long to get this posted.

unnamed (1)